Catamaran Charters

Most visitors to Namibia travel to see exquisite landscapes and majestic wildlife. Yet, few ever consider Namibia’s maritime wildlife as part of their game sighting safaris. At Catamaran Charters we change all that. On our educational dolphin and seal cruises, guests get front row seats to watch seals being boisterous and stand a good chance to be introduced to the eccentric-looking great white pelican and that is only the beginning.  You will have an excellent chance of seeing at least one of the more common members of the Marine Big 5 as we are often accosted by Bottlenose, Heaviside and Dusky dolphins who look to satisfy their curiosity. The unconventional mola or sunfish is a highlight for many of our guests and we have had regular sightings of equally impressive Leatherback Turtles.  Four of our seven catamarans are sailing catamarans, so we enjoy letting guests enjoy the true experience of sailing. We frequently switch off the engines and hoist the sails – conditions permitting – and encourage guest to partake in the sailing experience by helping to rig the lines and setting the sails.

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