Desert Air

At Desert Air we work to high safety standards conducted and maintained through our internal safety and quality control system. We adhere to all multinational standards by external and internal safety- and quality-assurance audits. Over two decades of experience in the professional flying industry, Desert Air offer private fly-in safaris, luxury guided flights, scenic tours, Read More

FlyNamibia Safari

FlyNamibia Safari is a revolution for the Namibian tourism industry. It enables travellers to significantly cut down the hours spent reaching our vast country’s far-flung destinations, giving them more time to truly discover, enjoy and absorb the wonders of this land of endless horizons. Building more memories and making the most of their Namibian adventure. Read More


Namibia offers numerous opportunities to explore off- the-beaten track destinations – either self-guided or guided. Large tracks of the country are sparsely inhabited and the scenery range from the wilderness of Kaokoland to the seemingly endless dune sea of the Namib Desert.


Wide open spaces, spectacular scenery, challenging technical routes and epic quests – a mountain biker’s paradise.


Sitting astride a mighty steed for a new perspective on nature and an exhilarating experience with a horseback riding adventure in Namibia.


Namibia has a variety of hiking options across the country for outdoor enthusiasts looking to connect with nature.


Ideal atmospheric conditions over much of Namibia offer opportunities for a variety of air adventures.​


The cold Atlantic coastline is host to an array of adventures for every traveller to delight in.​