Namibia is for the active. For the energetic spirit. For soul-searching and delving in deep. It’s for the adventurous among us, but also for those who seek respite from the overwhelming modern world. Namibia is for the free and young at heart. For those looking to truly touch, feel and experience nature. It will never leave you wanting. It will never leave you bored.

Whether you’re looking for epic adrenaline-fuelled quests, to convene with the wilderness or to enjoy the thrill of a sporting activity, there’s something for everyone in the land of dramatic landscapes and open spaces. Here are some of the most enticing and exciting adventures to partake in on your visit to this special corner of Africa.

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Namib Sky Balloon Safaris

Imagine yourself floating across gentle waves of air as the first golden rays of a bright morning peek over towering sand dunes and rugged mountain tops. It is an otherworldly glow. It is early still, yet the Namib Desert’s famous sunshine beckons from the horizon as you drift along. Below, a sea of sand creates Read More