“The startup ecosystem for any developing economy is extremely important. Because startups bring innovation and growth to any economy and Namibia is no different.”

From nurturing the seeds of an idea, to supporting growth and stimulating the entrepreneurial journey – StartUp Namibia is geared at getting Namibia’s innovators and entrepreneurs going. Building a strong startup culture that will enable the creation of new jobs and have an impact on the overall economy of Namibia.

StartUp Namibia is a technical cooperation project implemented by GIZ together with the Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade, the City of Windhoek and the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Technology, funded by the German Government. The project’s aim is to improve conditions for establishing and growing startups in selected regions of Namibia.

The vibe is quick, fast and energetic. A one-stop shop for startup programmes ranging from idea stage to growth stage, tools, networks and resources for the formalisation of businesses with potential to grow.

“We want Namibia to be the launchpad for startups in the entire region. Our aim is to develop a culture of disruptive entrepreneurship, working together and collaborating. We want to grow a thriving startup ecosystem.” Basecamp is the StartUp Incubation and Innovation Centre of the StartUp Namibia project, currently located in Windhoek at the corner of John Meinert and Frans Indongo street. Basecamp is destined to become the new home for Namibian startups and provide them with a space where new, innovative ideas flourish and grow into sustainable businesses. StartUp Namibia’s Digital Centre will focus strongly on developing digital entrepreneurship.

StartUp Stories

The Home of Startups in Namibia

It’s a whole new world out there, and here in Namibia a driven and dynamic group of people are stirring up the status quo of what it means to be innovative and resilient in business.



StartUp Namibia keeping Swakop on its Toes

StartUp Namibia has not only been supporting various startups in the quaint coastal town of Swakopmund but since December it has also been offering coworking space for these and other entrepreneurs.


Accessible Healthcare Through Telemedicine

Namibia with its considerable size and small population is probably one of the best countries for natural social distancing. To capitalise on these aspects, lodges are often situated in remote areas at substantial distances from towns and human presence. The perfect getaway – until you need a doctor.