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There are few places in the world where one has the joy of waking up to no other sound than guinea fowl and francolins scurrying about. With coffee in hand, taking a few steps on bare feet in the softest red Kalahari sand to the edge of the garden. Faint pink sky announces the rising sun and thorn trees decorated in the most delicate spring blossoms like soft yellow cotton balls abound for as far as the eye can see.

Isn’t that why we need to escape? For our senses to be soothed by the subtle beauty of natural colours and sounds? To be in a place where we can turn our backs just for a little while on everything man-made and walk into the bush? Walk along a sandy path and imagine oneself being the only person on earth?

And just when you get worried that now you really are lost, there is a fork in the road and an arrow directing you back to the breakfast room.

The very essence of Eningu Clayhouse Lodge is being grounded in the earth from which it is constructed. You are welcomed into the family without infringing on the sense of freedom and of being undisturbed. Enjoy your last or first days in this country of wide open spaces in the quiet comfort of creatively designed interiors and quirky details, complemented by fusion cuisine and an excellent wine collection – all set in the middle of the bush.

To make your stay at Eningu a truly unforgettable experience, visit the art studio and gallery of Namibia’s globally acclaimed sculptor, Dörte Berner. Her sculptures are part of collections on four continents where she has had more than 40 exhibitions in the course of 50 years. The artwork in the garden of Eningu is a mere introduction to what lies ahead when you drive through the gate of Pepperkorrel Farm.

An experience which truly cannot be replicated anywhere on earth.

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Tel +264 64 46 4144

[email protected]


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