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Wild Africa Travel

Wild Africa Travel

Established in 2012, Wild Africa Travel focuses on the independent traveller. Created as a fresh startup inside Tourvest, Southern Africa's largest integrated tourism holding company, it aims to be funky, fast, dynamic and competitive, a new company with smart solutions.The employees of Wild Africa Travel are all experienced tourism people, who exude a passion for travel, but within an independent, free-thinking lifestyle. We believe in living what we sell, and thereby have a consistent approach in trying to create and offer the best available product in Namibia to the market.

We specialise in knowledge and choice. We aim to be at the forefront of developments within Namibia and to be in a position to advise with first-hand knowledge what would be the best choice for the traveller.

Coupled with this are our live availability and online presence. The world is moving faster and people are more aware of what they want and the new ways to look for and find it. Wild Africa Travel will use every tool and every technology to place the Namibian tourism offering before you, faster and more effectively. Based on an objective approach to fulfil guests subjective individual choices and requirements, Wild Africa Travel focuses on providing those products and services that you request. And with our offering, we aim to provide as much information and detail as possible to make an informed choice. Wild Africa Travel aims to be the bridge and service those international tour operators and travel specialists who service, either traditionally or via e-commerce, the NOW generation, and to be the portal that provides both functionality and efficiency for what those guests require.

The product portfolio, also available live online, consists mainly of self-drive tours, ad hoc individual accommodation bookings, car rental, transfer and activities, however, it does also accommodate and operate individual group requests. We offer theme orientated self-drive itineraries for the self-drive guest to best experience Namibia and all she has to offer. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of different car rental options. We offer activities, both based on adventure and adrenaline, as well as relaxation. We offer a variety of accommodation establishments, for the discerning guest, the adventure traveller, the budget-conscious guest and the nature lover. We also have a palette of widely ranging guaranteed departure safaris, both accommodated as well as camping. The choices available are endless, just like the horizons of our beloved Namibia.

In working with us, we believe that we will be able to impart some of our passion that makes us work in this wonderful industry and in this unique destination. We make a difference by empowering people to live out their passion and expertise, being an attractive and passionate business, realising our guests' dreams by delivering quality experiences, being innovative leaders in product development, stimulating sustainable economic activity, generating progress through partnerships and practising honesty and integrity in all we do.


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