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African Profile Safaris

African Profile Safaris


More than a journey ... The ultimate safari

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Our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the incredibly diverse parts of Namibia and its neighboring countries enables us to offer up-market tailor-made guided fly-in safaris, special interest group or self-drive tours.

Come and join us on a journey... Visit an ancient nomadic tribe, the second largest canyon and the highest dunes of the world! Travel to the unique Skeleton Coast, or a desert that time seems to have forgotten. Thundering waterfalls and the penetrating drumbeats of nomadic tribes takes us back into a time of harmony, peace and tranquil solitude.

Our in-depth knowledge of the diverse inhabitants and parts of Namibia and its neighbouring countries enables us to offer tailor-made, guided fly-in safaris, special interest group and family safaris or for the more adventurous, self-drive tours!

Our Commitment to the guest is ensured by owning our own
aircraft operated through our own charter license. Contrary to this, we do not own and are not affiliated to any lodges, therefore, we can provide an unbiased, logical safari program with no outsourced expertise. We custom-make guided fly-in, group and adventure safaris in Namibia and its neighbouring countries, making each an exceptional and distinctly personal African experience.

Our Guides are conservationists that are trained and experienced and provide expertise on every guided tour or fly-in safari. Our guided safaris ensure that guests have continuous gain from the vast knowledge of our professional guides. The guides are informative and entertaining and combine an understanding of different guest cultures and backgrounds.

PO Box 24119, Windhoek, Namibia | Tel: +264 61 253 992/7 | Fax +264 61 225326 | [email protected]


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