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And the only way that is possible is to make business work better. You may wonder why a global auditing company such as EY with a history dating back 150 years, has a voice in a magazine which portrays Namibia in all its beautiful natural splendour. The reason is that we have an opinion on what makes a better working world and that is in line with how Namibia aims to build a better future for its people. We are part of the local community and we support local initiatives with a wider impact.

We can only build a better world if we start with the world that matters most to us. And in this point in time to us that world is Namibia and the local business community who suffers the after effects of the global pandemic. The tourism sector in particular needs our support. Because of its diversity on all levels of the sector, it creates opportunities for Namibians of all ethnic groups, all levels of education, all parts of the country and diverse professions. Tourism can affect change on many levels and we are part of that. Business is not an island and does not operate on its own.

For us collaboration is the new innovation.

We appreciate sustainability, diversity, teamwork and the courage to lead. We value trust and emphasise social values and accountability.

The building blocks that we apply in our company are the same as what we need to get this sector of the economy back on its feet.

Now is the time for change

Now is the time for a future-back approach to transformation

Now is the time to reveal and realise unseen opportunities

Now is the time to have the courage to lead

We invite you to be inspired by the country with its wide open spaces and endless horizons.

Come and enjoy the perfect post Covid destination where it is still possible to feel that you are the first person to step on the earth.

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Cameron Kotze
Country Leader
EY Namibia
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